Design Consultations

We offer 30-minute complimentary consultations. During this visit we will ask you questions about your space and your desires for greening it. We will also share inspirational ideas and solutions for improving your outdoor space.
Site Assessments
We assist in evaluating how environmental factors affect the growing conditions of a site. Based on the assessment, we offer recommendations for products and services for greening the space. A formal evaluation report is given making specific recommendations for use.
Environmental Tests
A variety of testing can assist in evaluating the specific needs of a garden. We offer soil testing for pH levels, fertility and toxicity. We also offer percolation tests to measure the soil's ability to drain water.  Pest and disease analysis for plants and trees are offered as well.
Design Services 
We offer creative approaches and real life solutions when it comes to designing your garden. Designs take into account environmental restraints, the client’s budget and capacities, along with preferences for plantings. We offer a variety of design services: concept sketches, plant maps, and whole garden designs. 
Concept Sketches
We assist our clients with visualizing the best options for upgrading their garden spaces. By presenting concept drawings we explore ideas and come up with solutions that compliment the tastes and preferences of our clients.
Plant Maps
Once a concept is agreed upon, final designs and plant maps are drafted. Plant maps include specific species that are chosen to meet the conditions of the site.
Garden Designs
Final garden designs are drafted based on the site assessments, the concept drawings and all preliminary discussions. Drawings are to scale and include descriptions of plantings and irrigation solutions.

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